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5 Tips To Make Attractive Six Pack Abs

Cool Six Pack Abs

In today’s fashion world of flaunting every body wants a good and fit body. In fit body six pack abs also play an important role. From last year there is a trend going on of six packs. If a person having six pack abs is considered to be a fit person. Now we are going to discuss about effective and easy making tips of making attractive six pack abs.

Top 5 ways of making six pack abs are as follows:

1. Go For A Walk In Early Morning:

In early morning go for a walk. It help  us to lose the extra fat which is in your body and by this you can also increase your stamina. So get up early in the morning and go for a long morning walk on a flat roads or in park.

2. Ab Crunches:
Ab Crunches

Do flat crunches , by this you can lose your belly fat. First if you will your belly fat then it will become easy for all of you to get attractive six pack abs.

3. Hanging reverse Crunches:

Making of upper abs is a easy task. But to make lower abs is a very tough task. To make lower abs you have to do hanging reverse crunches.

4. Swiss Ball Reverse Crunches:
Swiss Ball Reverse Crunches

Swiss ball reverse crunching is done by the steps which are given below. By seeing the image you will able to know that how this exercise can be done.

5. Hanging Leg Raises:
Hanging Leg Raises

There are two ways to do that exercise, one is when you are hanging and you coming your thighs closer to the stomach and the other one is you do your legs up with the 90 degree. The method is explained below in image.

The 5 easy and effective tips of making six pack abs fast will help you to make a attractive body. If you find this article helpful then do not forgot to recommend this article to your friends by Facebook or twitter. If you want some other suggestions then contact us and ask any questions which are coming in your mind.
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