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A Sport That is Easy to Do and Effectively Burns Fat

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The sport is easy to do, but not everyone is willing to do so diligently. Maybe that's the cause of a lot of people are having excess body weight. Inevitably, the sport is never inevitable. This article will discuss 3 sport that is easy to do but very effective way to burn body fat.

1. Walk
Walk indeed we do every day. But did you know that walking is an activity that is highly effective for burning fat? Health experts say that walk 8,000-10,000 steps per day can reduce 0.5 kg body weight within 1 week. So we can lose weight up to 2 kg in a month.

Why only 2 kg? This is what many of the poses wrong perceptions of many people. Please note that if your weight down in quick time (as many offered many products), then the weight also will quickly climb. For it to lose weight should also be gradually. That's according to Dr. Titi Sekarindah, p., SpGK, nutritional expert from the Center Pertamina HOSPITAL in Jakarta.

2. Cycling
Cycling is also one of the hobby that can burn fat. Recommended cycling at least 2 hours a day for the hobby of cycling. But the walk still preferred because it is more effective and fast to burn fat.

The sport is not recommended to burn fat is to swim. Swim indeed much recommended to lose weight quickly. But in fact, swim thus making the stomach very hungry so we eat more after a swim.
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