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Tips How to Ensure Faster Hair Growth Which Totally Works

A luscious and healthy mane is every person’s dream, however maintaining one is no easy task. Ensuring faster hair growth requires time, effort and the right hair growth tips. This article focuses on how one can get healthy hair and ensure that lost hair grows faster.

Hair is the most sensitive part of the body and any harm to any organ in the body will affect the health of the hair, therefore maintaining a good diet, a regular hair care regimen and proper intake of water are as important as using the right hair care products. There are many ways in which one can go about the hair growth regimen, from transplants to home remedies, from hair care products to hair treatments the options are plenty.

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Hair growth happens in three phases – growing phase, resting phase and shedding phase. One cannot prevent any of these phases. However the rate at which each phase unfolds is what determines the length and health of the hair. One must ensure that a regular hair care regimen is in place for healthy and faster hair growth. Here are a few hair growth tips that should go a long way in one’s hair care regimen:

  1. Get to the root – it is important to understand why one is losing hair first, once this is done one must ensure all sources of breakage, hair loss and deficiency are plugged. A dermatologist can help, one can also identify this by careful observation
  2. Use the right products – using the right products for hair care is very important. One must use three basic products namely a good shampoo, a protein serum and a moisture treatment product
  3. Supplements for the hair – just like the body, the hair also needs its share of supplements such as vitamins and minerals. One can take a vitamin supplement or increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and nuts to induce these naturally
  4. Limit coloring and streaking – frequent coloring and streaking can lead to breakage and dryness, even if one is going in for these styling options, one must ensure that the right conditioner and hair serum complement colored hair

In summary ensuring faster hair growth is possible only if one consistently maintains the right hair care regimen and also pays attention to diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Following the above hair growth tips in a consistent manner should give anyone a mane worth flaunting.
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