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Reduce Fever With Red Onions

Red Onions

Maybe most of us only know that the red onions only used in cooking. But, do you know that it could be used to reduce fever? Yes, we can reduce fever by using red onions. Not only that, red onions could be used treat influenza. Well, let's learn how to use red onions as medicine.

In order to reduce fever, you need some sliced red onions and then put on above your forehead. It might feel slightly hot. But it is effective in reducing fever. You can try this at home. Just make sure it doesn't touch your eyes.

In order to treat your influenza, take one clove of red onion, and then slice it few times. Now, take it and get it close to your nose, but not too close. After that, you need to inhale the smell of that red onion. It will help you to relieve nasal congestion.

Well, that is how to reduce fever and treat influenza by using red onions.  Take care and stay healthy guys! ^_^

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