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5 Things to Consider Before Responding to Work from Home Ads

Work from home
When you see an Ads offering work from home, you need to be aware. You don't want to be scammed, right? Following are 5 Things to Consider Before Responding to Work from Home Ads:

1. Avoid Any Ads that Promise Instant Success or Huge Amounts of Money Fast
Seriously, there is no shortcut to wealth or business success, no matter what any work from home ad might say. There are legitimate turn-key businesses out there, with minimal costs to startup and you can even find firms that are willing to franchise their business with you, but there are no overnight successes. You also cannot replace your monthly income by stuffing envelopes, processing rebates or being a payment processor from home. Be especially careful if the company asks for your banking information, before they ask for your resume.

2. Read through the Job Listing
Even accredited and legitimate job search sites have had bogus job listings popping up on them of late. Legitimate jobs will always have at least a contact person listed on them, as well as terms of employment, salary, skill requirements, and educational requirements. Avoid any that include the words “import processor” or “international payment processing,” and especially any that have as one of the desired requirements the words “must have active checking account.” These are definitely not a good work from home business to get into.

3. No Money Required
Legitimate employers will not ask you for money up front, require you to purchase kits, or require you to purchase a directory from them. Research these company names thoroughly if they turn up in any searches you do, and report any bogus ones you find to the job search domain security office. The only way to weed out the scams effectively is to report them when they are found. It may not stop them, but it will at least alert the sites they are posting on.

4. Check for References
If you find a work at home provider that you are interested in contacting, you can usually find contact information on their site for requesting more information. You can also check them out through sources like the Better Business Bureau, which also has the most comprehensive listings for work-at-home organizations available.

5. Sleep on it
Always think carefully before agreeing to work for any firm offering telecommuting or work at home opportunities, at least until you can check them out, look for references, because there are a lot of scams going around. If it does appeal to you, sleep on it and then read through their ad again, to see if it still resonates well with you, especially those that come to you unsolicited. By reading them carefully, you will be able to weed out the obvious scams.
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